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  • Teaching in the Garden

    When I tell people I teach plant ID the first thing they ask these days is, “Can you even do that remotely?” While I guess it’s possible, it will never be my first choice. Since …

  • A Garden Gone Virtual

    Almost every characteristic you see when you look at plants in and around your home is a direct result of how that plant adapted over time to better suit its environment. Plants with vines are …

  • Overlooking the Pond

    A Farewell and New Directions

    Greetings from the (home office) of the Allen Centennial Garden. As we’ve moved through the last several months, we’ve certainly been learning a lot about ourselves and our place in the world. We’ve seen more …

  • Tapestry Lawn Close-up

    Introducing the Tapestry Lawn

    Ever heard of a Tapestry Lawn? Our Horticulture Director, Josh Steger, dives into detail about the Garden's newest lawn style.

  • Elin in the Greenhouse

    Cancelled Family Gardening Day Plants Find New Homes

    CALS shares the story of a cancelled Family Gardening Day turned community giving opportunity.

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