The following for-credit courses are open to all UW-Madison students and taught by Allen Centennial Garden staff members.

HORT 187: Plants and the Science of Survival

3 Credits, Summer Course, Online with option for in-person discussion section Thursdays 10am-12pm

No pre-requisites. Meets Biological Sciences requirement, Elementary L&S level credits.

Could you grow and gather enough food to feed yourself? In this introductory course, you’ll learn the biology behind how to grow healthy plants in a healthy ecosystem as you create your own plans for a large food garden. Because it is impossible to fit all you would need to know into one class, we will focus on understanding the scientific method, analyzing data and sources, and using scientific research as a tool to make decisions. You will also identify the best places to look for more information when you need it because growing plants is always an adventure and never the same twice. Along the way, you’ll practice being more aware of the natural world around you.

Watch this video to get a taste of the course!



HORT/HIST SCI 301: (Horti) Cultural Roots: Human Histories of Plants and Science

4 Credits, Fall Semester, Mondays & Wednesdays, 1:20-3:15 pm

Prerequisite: Completion of Communications A requirement.

Meets Communications B and Humanities requirements, Intermediate L&S level credits.

Dig into the history of plant sciences to understand why plants and humans have the relationships they do today.  Focus on the experiences of Indigenous Americans and People of Color to understand the roots of inequities in horticulture, agriculture, and other plant sciences. Practice skills as a translator of science and history through engagement with scientific publications, library resources, and archival materials. Define important societal questions, collect and analyze evidence, present original conclusions, and contribute to ongoing discussions about the relationship of people and plants.  Includes intensive writing and oral presentations.