Smiling student kneeling in garden with pruners surrounded by plants


Did you know that Allen Centennial Garden is a great place for CALS students to complete a capstone project?

Our staff love mentoring students and look forward to working with you to decide on a project that can showcase your skills and help you translate them in a real-world scenario that can help you show future employers your skills. Capstones in the Garden can be part of a paid summer internship or a separate project.

Past capstone projects have included:

  • Researching and planning an annual display garden
  • Creating an educational printed tour guide for visitors
  • Identifying the plants in our Hosta collection

Have a project idea or want to chat with us more about options?

Reach out by email at Be sure to share your major, planned graduation date, and any project ideas or interests you already have! The sooner you reach out, the better we can help you develop a project that fits into your graduation timeline so you can register for the credits you need.

What is a capstone?

According to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, a CALS Capstone is a course in which students are required to integrate diverse bodies of knowledge to solve a problem or formulate a policy of societal importance with the intent of facilitating the transition to post-baccalaureate life. Capstone courses are approved by the college for each major (and can include directed study at Allen Centennial Garden).

A capstone experience should:

  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Expose the student to multidisciplinary approach
  • Develop teamwork and interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively to multiple audiences
  • Develop skills in accessing and using information resources (e.g., electronic databases, library resources, national repositories)
  • Address societal, economic, ethical, scientific, and professional issues
  • Communicate and extend the capstone experience via written, oral, and/or multimedia reports by each student

The Capstone Experience will normally be completed during the student’s final 2 or 3 semesters. The intent is to have the student utilize and integrate their undergraduate learning into a culminating, or capstone, experience. Students should consult with their departmental faculty advisors for specific information regarding this requirement.