Plant Adoption Day

UW- Madison students, join us at 3pm on Friday, September 15th to get a free plant for Plant Adoption Day 2023!

Our plant selection includes some of the toughest plants around. Adapted to withstand our neglect. (Too little water.) They will even survive our smothering. (Too much water.) And, we hope they survive the hardships of college life! Our plants include pilea, coleus, inch plants, spider plants, goldfish plants, butterwort, and baby bunny bellies plants! All are perfect for your new dorm, apartment, or maybe, a best friend’s living space. 

Not sure which one to pick? No problem. Allen Centennial staff and volunteers will help you decide while you wait in line. There will also be plenty of student groups presenting throughout the Garden.

After you’ve snagged your plant, we invite you to stick around and enjoy our Garden. Our Garden team will be on hand to answer questions about how to care for your plant. You’ll be able to learn more about our kitchen garden where this past summer the Allen Centennial team and our community partners have been growing Afro Diasporic, Indigenous, and Latinx crops. Leave an artistic message on the promenade in chalk.

We hope to see you there and encourage you to arrive on time because our plants are only available while supplies last. To receive your plant, you must bring a valid Wiscard. Please note, plants are limited to 1 per student.