What’s Lurking in Your Garden?

August 6, 2018


As anyone who’s been to the Garden already knows, there’s much more than just plants residing within our fences. We like to think of the garden as a living art installation, and the insects that call this canvas home are merely actors on the stage. Whether you have an always-ready smartphone or a DSLR with a gaggle of lenses, keep reading for a few tips to make your pictures of our critters pop!


Wait for rain!

Don’t be afraid to explore after a little rain. The clouds will provide cool, even lighting, rain drops will add some texture to plants, and insects might linger a little longer while drying off. Just make sure you’re prepared in case more rain starts to fall!


Back it up!

If your camera is able to zoom, give your subject some space, and back up! This will help keep them from flying away so quickly, and zooming into something increases that blurred-background effect that causes the subject to stand out!


Lean in!

Although this spider can jump, it’s small and camouflaged, so it won’t jump out at you at first glance. Get close to the plants and see what’s hiding on their leaves and in the flowers. For something this small, a macro lens will help to get as much detail as possible.

Bee on Flower

Bee patient!

Sorry, I had to.

With insects that jump and fly, moments like these are fleeting, so take as many pictures as you can. You might take 30 blurry pictures of a bee, but it’s all worth it when you get that perfect shot.


by Kolin Goldschmidt | Programs and Photography Apprentice